Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cardiology appointment
Our Cardiology appointment yesterday went really good. They did another echo and took several pictures and measurements of the Nadia's heart. Thank God Nadia's heart is showing no changes. Of course that was great news. I always fear they find more abnormalities since she’s bigger now. Dr. Kavanoaugh ( I Love her by the way) drew a diagram for us again and just went over every single detail with us to make sure we understand every single step from the moment she’s born until after surgery. She repeated again that her heart will never be ("normal"), but it can be repaired to were it’s functional. To do this, Nadia will face 3 surgeries the Shunt, Glenn and the Fontan.. The first surgery will happen in the first 2-4 days of her life, the second surgery happens between 4-6 months, and the 3rd and hopefully the final surgery will happen between 2 and 3 Years of life. All of these are major heart surgeries and are very risky.
After the Echo and talking to the doctor a social worker took us and another family who’s son was also diagnosed with the same condition as Nadia on a tour through the whole hospital. First we went to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) where Nadia will be right after birth until surgery, then they took us to the Pediatric Critical Care Unit (PCCU) where Nadia will be right after surgery which also was the hardest part of the Tour…God, walking through those hallways, seeing all those little baby’s and children who just laid there lifeless.. some of them waiting on a Heart ..a heart that in some cases will never arrive, hooked up on all these machines and wires was to much for me to handle…in that moment i wished i never had to see this ... I got very emotional and all I wanted to do is leave!
Once she does not require critical care she will be placed on regular floor where I will be rooming in with her learning the specifics related to the care I need for Nadia at home.
It was a really long and emotional day for Tommy and I, now it feels more real then ever of what is to come for us once she is born!! But it makes it all easier knowing that we are in very good hands with the Vanderbilt Cardiologist Team and also that we will have a big support system at delivery and for months after that. Three more weeks to go I keep you guys updated..