Saturday, September 25, 2010

Family Photos

Similac Recall

So did you hear about the Similac recall...
Nadia got the Organic Simlac formula since her birth!
I found out 2 days ago about the recall and immediately stopped giving it to her and bought Enfamil. Gosh i wish i tried harder to pump!! It really upsets me.. you would think buying "Organic" Formula would be different and better for your Baby.. and may i mention it's not cheap.. i used a whole box within 4 days since i have to mix it differently and it coast 27$ per box.. all to find out small beetles were produced in the milk. Ewww!!! My sister Jokes about it and told me that at least she got a source of protein that way!! Lol i can count on her to make me laugh every time!!

And now Nadia won't eat and has the tube back in.. she doesn't like Enfamil or the good start!! I really don't know what to do.. i am trying to let her get really hungry maybe she will take it then.. if i don't see any improvement by tonight i will have to call her Doctor !! It's so frustrating !!

keep you updated !

Friday, September 24, 2010

Gatlinburg mini vacation/ Surgery Date

We went to Gatlinburg for a much needed mini vacation with our good friends Victoria, Phillip and their adorable babies Adam and Salma.. It was a lots of fun and relaxing... We took the Kids to the aquarium and Justin wanted to drive a go cart but he ended up just being the passenger.. He loved it when mommy beat auntie Vicky.. he said " Mom you drive crazy... I love it" It makes me happy to see him happy !! And besides a couple of bad restaurants and a couple of stomach achs we had a great time!!

The whole time is was there i couldn't help but think when they are going to call me to schedule the surgery.. I got the call this morning.. we have a Date and it is only 11 days from today.. October the 5th!!I am still nauseated and a little shaky ..11 Days!!
The past few weeks i have a lot of What If's that are going threw my mind.. What if scaring me .. I couldn't handle if a What if comes true... keep my baby in your prayer!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We got Home Yesterday

So Monday went really good.. We good some relieving news about Nadia's Heart! Dr. Doyle was very pleased with the pressures in her Lungs, Heart and shunt.... and thinks we can go ahead with the surgery.. he advised to do it as soon as possible before flue season starts and to talk it over with Dr. Kavanaugh .. so maybe beginning of October .. ahhhh i am nauseated!!!!
I let you know when it will be exactly !
Poor Nadia was really miserable after words on Monday.. I couldn't make her get comfortable no matter what i did.. she also had two bloody wet diapers which are common from having a cath in the bladder inserted during the procedure... that led to several more testings to rule out an infections or even something more serious .. thankfully it stopped...and the results came back negative for an infection!!
She had some what of a good night .. she would wake up every hour screaming from the top of her Lungs and cry for the longest time.. i somehow managed to put her to sleep every time she did this!! I have to admit that i missed the Nurses from Pod C..they are specialized in Heart Babies and are defiantly more on top of things.. i didn't get the same feeling this time!!

Nadia was all wired up.. had an IV in her right foot... she was a little Puffy too especially her eyes they were so swollen she couldn't even open them and hadn't had a bowl movement all day i guess all that combined was the reason for her fuzziness!
The very next morning she looked and felt much better..she was sweet loving Nadia again..we got discharged and spend the rest of our day in the bed sleeping... we were both exhausted!!!

Which by the way gave Justin a great opportunity to do what ever he wanted in the house... when i woke up i found him sitting on the couch in his underwear, superman shirt and his karate kid headband.... the Tv Blasting on it's highest volume... chips, juice,carrots & peanut butter sitting on the coffee table .... toys were EVERYWHERE... having the time of his life!! When i told him that i would have made him something to eat if he would just came an got me he answered
" Mom you had a hard and tired Day... u needed to sleep.. don't worry about me i took care of me self... you know like the movie Kevin alone at home" .... i wasn't sure if i wanted to laugh or cry when he said that....! I felt so bad i fell asleep for so long!!

This morning Nadia had rice cereal again and surprisingly she likes it.. i remember Justin spitting it right back at me !! Here are some funny pics i took of her when we introduced it to her for the first time! Keep you updated!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

2nd update

We didn't think it will go so fast! Dr. Doyle just took us to a private room and showed us the pictures they took during the cath.. He said that she is looking really good her pressures looked great as well... her heart is pumping well, arteries and her shut looked good too!
The next step is to schedule an appointment for the surgery.. they are thinking is going to be the first week of October to avoid Flue season! I am going to stay overnight at the Hospital with Nadia.. i for got my cell phone at Home... but i keep you update if anything else comes up!
Thank you for all your Prayers !!
cardiac catheterization

1st update

We just got our first update call..
Everything is going well the and they are about to take pictures and check her pressures.. keep you guys updated!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

It Just Hit me

So sorry i didn't update the blog.. even though i have so much to tell!!

We had a issues two and a half weeks ago about her not gaining anything but 2 ounces in 2 weeks..
her doctor thought it was strange until i told her that i no longer breastfeed which by the way i am still devastated about!! I tried everything from certain foods, massages to herbs & Tee... i just had the hardest time pumping and eventually dried up..i am thankful she had some Breast milk for 3 month and i saved enough milk for when she is in the Picu. I just feel better knowing she is getting breast milk while recovering!!
So anyway her Doc. asked me how i am mixing her milk when right then i realized that i am probably not mixing the 30 cl. she suppose to get.. i am sure i was given a piece of paper when i left the hospital for the first time on how to mix formula with water.. but i never payed any attention to the letter and probably threw it away since i didn't plan to give her any!
Long story short i looked stupid and was given a new recipe in how to mix formula withwater... since that appointment she catched up at gained a whole pound!!
I have been leaving her tube out for most of the day.. but sometimes i will get paranoid and put it back in and at her cardiology appointment today Dr. Kavanaugh suggested to leave it out since she is doing so good and we go from there!!
Also her Echo looked great.. her Heart is pumping much better and after her Heart Cath on Monday we will determine exactly when the surgery is going to be.. i think the question if she qualifies has out ruled ... i hope!
Dr. Kavanaugh thinks that she will have surgery either the middle or the End of October ..
It just Hit me today that we will have to go threw all this again and it's killing me.. just picturing handing her over the OR team crushes me!!
Oh Lord get us threw her surgery in one piece !!