Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Years 2012

So usually we Celebrate New Years at my Parents in Laws house. This Year they asked me if i could do it at my house because the were leaving to Florida to catch the Boat to their Cruise to Mexico the day of New Years.
I was excited to throw a little get together and invited a couple of sweet friends.We were going to play Poker and eat all night until midnight :p

On the 29th of January, i had just came threw the Garage Door with my Groceries in my hands, expecting my sister in law to come over... because she had been calling me all day wondering where i was. I thought it was weird she is coming my way again because i just had seen her a day before and she lives in KY..shad no reason to come and she didn't give me an explanation of why she was coming over.

So anyway a minute after i got home someone was ringing my Door Bell like Crazy and knocking at the Door at the same time.
I was so scared because i thought my sister in law is running away from someone or something i rushed to the front door almost tripping over my own feet and when i opened the door . 11 People Screamed "Surpriseeeee"
My Whole Family and two of my friends stood in front of my door laughing and then hugged me. Both my sisters, both of my brother in laws and all four of my sweet Nephews and my Brother who most of them i have not seen in almost 5 years. Who organized the this wonderful surprise were two of our sweet family Friends Navi & Dilek who also came. It was a Top secret mission and i had NOOO cluee!!! :)

I was in disbelieve, overwhelmed & so so Happy to see them all together. I Screamed then i Cried and finally Smiled like a Child on Christmas morning. It was truly a Dream come true.

They told me how they all missed a flight and catched a flight to Ny and then drove all the way to me .. A 18 hour drive.... i felt super Special lool
they didn't stay long at all 5 days and then headed back to Germany.

We had such a great new Year and an unbelievable Time together that i will NEVER forget. Having them here made me realize how much i missed Germany and being around them.. I miss them so much and can't wait to see all of them again.

I Love you all <3