Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hospital visit

Thursday, Nadia started to get fussy around dinner time and at night she developed a little fever, which was expected to happen 7 - 10 after she got her 12 month vaccine's from last week.
She also had a fever the first day she got the vaccine (102.4)


I checked her temperature(101.6), gave her some Tylenol and put her back to bed. I noticed that she was breathing a little faster then usual and thought that it might be the way she was laying.. so i turned her around and her breathing sounded a little better.

I have to mention that her breathing isn't like other babies breathing, it always has sounded a little heavier and faster then others, but she was never breathing really fast.

Yesterday, Friday morning she was playful but still fussy, her fever went down to 99.6 but she still felt a little too warm.. her hands and feet were ice cold and her lips looked blue. Overall she just looked like she didn't feel good! It scared me because it reminded me of how she looked after her BT shunt hospitalization....

Nadia always has socks or house shoes on, she easily gets cold..but yesterday i couldn't get her warm, i took her outside and literally sat with her in the sun to get warm!

Around the afternoon i noticed the fast breathing again, i know i am not a nurse, but i learned to count her breath during our three hospital stays, which i believe normal for would be 35-40 breath a min? i think..???....anyway, i counted her breath and it was between 55-60 breath a min. Which is too fast!
I don't want to be one of those paranoid Mom's who call about every little thing.... because i was told fever is expected..... what i really was concerned about was her breathing!

So i was debating if i am just paranoid or if something is really going on!
Around 2pm i checked her fever and it went up to 100.1 i was talking to my sister in law at that time, who encouraged me to call to make sure since it's about to be the weekend.. better save then sorry!

I called the cardiology nurse first, who felt it would be best to see her pediatrician first, they wanted to see us right away.

Nadia, of course, not happy at all to be back at the office, screamed from the top of her lungs during vitals, getting catheterized for a urine sample & poked to test her blood count.
Everything came back normal but the doctor agreed with me that her breathing does sound to0 fast... she gave her some Tylenol and said that with the fever going down her breathing should get more comfortable... 20 min later it still sounded about the same.. she advised me to go to the ER if she will get any worse by tonight or to go tomorrow if it's not better at all!

Later at night, her fever went up to 102.2, i couldn't give her any Tylenol because she had her last dose at 3.30pm and it was only 6.30pm, her breathing got i decided to go to the ER.. We were seen within minutes after arriving.. her fever went up to 103.5.. Poor Baby Girl was miserable!

She got another dose of Tylenol and started to sweat all of her fever off...
Oxygen levels were in the low 80's and right before the nurse got the nasal cannula ready, her levels went up to the upper 80's -90's & luckily she didn't had to deal with that thing again.
Must have been the Tylenol kicking in!

Her heart rate looked great... they did a chest x-ray which came back looking like the one from February, that was good to know!
The ER Doc didn't think that the fast breathing had anything to do with her heart but more with the vaccines she gotten & the fever...i am glad he told us that we did the right thing bringing her in, they rather make sure it's nothing then it being something serious and not catch it in time..

If she wasn't a heart patient, i wouldn't sweat about a fever under 104.00 and just would do the home remedies i did over and over with Justin.
Because usually, fevers don't scare me, it's just ur body doing it's job fighting an infection.... it's just different having a Heart baby.. i heard and read enough horror story's to not take any chances with fevers or any signs of sickness!

They placed an IV, drew some blood to check for a viral or bacterial infection... the nurse was great and only had to poke her once... but it was still so hard to watch
It kind of brought back memories.... it has been almost a year since her last stay there... smelling the hand sanitizer made me think of the PICU ... :((

We were discharged right after midnight and were told, that the blood work would need 24 hours to come back and that they would call us if anything shows up.. we didn't get a call and hopefully we won't get one tonight or tomorrow!

Nadia still has some high fever, fussy and has been sleeping allot, but she hasn't been breathing fast or looking blueish sick!

Praying Praying Praying for a fever less, happy Nadia tomorrow! Because otherwise we would have to go back to the ER!

Keep us in Ur Prayers!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I need to Vent!

Saturday, a day after her 12 month check up ( the last post of Nadia is dated wrong) we had an appointment for her follow up hearing test.. she had one at Birth and at 6 month, which both i got the green light, with no concerns whats so ever.
She is suppose to have one every 6 month until she is 3 yeas old, but i scheduled her 12 month at 15 month along with her 12 month well check!

The audiologist, which i noticed at out last visit, isn't very friendly...made it clear to me that, that wasn't OK!!!!
I thought at our last visit, that she just had a off day, everyone does, but i guess that this is just the way she aways is...right when she came through the door..she gave me grief over why i didn't bring Nadia in for her 12 month hearing test..without even saying hello.. i mean really?? .... i am 3 month behind.. does those 3 month really make a difference? So, i felt like i needed to apologize and so i did... she kept this rude attitude the whole time i was there !

Anyway, she checked her ears with a little machine that looked like my Thermometer while Nadia was screaming from the top of her lungs! Between all the screaming and holding her down she said with a snappy, i told u so voice, something like " yup.. it can't get a ear drum movement"... when she was done.. she just shuck her head ...i asked her what this would mean and she said in the plain & simple words " well...that is a sign of hearing loss" .... i was in shock!

Hearing loss? Nadia? Nadia?!!?!?! Who can hear the keys turning when Tommy comes home? Who wakes up when i super slowly open the door? Nadia? Yea right... no way!

I didn't say anything or asked her anything further at that moment because i was just super shocked ! She sat us in this little box. I am sure all of y'all did that.. .. one speaker on ur right, one on ur left.. Nadia responded to all of the silly none sense she was saying through the speakers... through the glass window i saw her shaking her head again... by that time i was starting to get mad!

So we get out of the box and she tells me that Nadia has fluid in both of her ears and that i needed to get her treated for that....i told her that Nadia was just yesterday at the pediatrician and got a green light on both of her ears.. she just laughed and said " I am seeing fluid "... What does that mean for Nadia i asked her... again she just answered me, to go see her pediatrician for treatment....

I mean this is serious.. this lady has no clue what i have been threw since the fist day i found out about Nadia's heart!
I had to process so much information, information that made me break down in tears so many times, scared and worry so much...worry, alllll the time.
She can not just tell me that Nadia is loosing her hearing, without explaining it any further to me...!!!

I didn't give up there and asked many more questions....

Is it related to the ear infection she had just few weeks earlier???
How could she have fluid in her ears,even though her pediatrician just saw her???
What is the treatment going to be?
Is her hearing just going to get worse??

No clear answer .......i was officially frustrated and mad.....wouldn't u be ?

Then she said..."u know...her speech & language are great"..." well.. she might just be borderline" ...ahhhhh what???? Make ur mind up lady!! What is it now??? Completely confused!! I was so mad y'all!

I had enough of her unprofessional behavior, her facial expression and her head shaking attitude!

It was just unbelievable.... in the moment i didn't say or asked anything anymore.. i silently left the room and told the receptionist that i wouldn't be coming back when she wanted to schedule a follow up appointment.I left her Office with 1000 more questions then when i came in!

I blew of some steam by talking to Tommy and a couple of my friends!
On Monday i called her Paediatrician, that i completely trust with all my heart, he s truly a wonderful doctor!
He seemed to be confused about the fluid in her ears too, because he just saw her a day before but he said that fluid comes and go... i think he just said that to make her not look so stupid!
He didn't want to do any treatment and agreed that i might be a good idea to get a second opinion.. so that is what i did. I scheduled an appointment at Vanderbilt atthe end of September.

I am praying that this Doctor is completely wrong. I think Nadia has enough to deal with in life.... i am praying she won't have to battle hearing loss too!

I keep you updated