Sunday, July 31, 2011


I know i have not posted much on Nadia in the past couple of month. I don't know what was with me lately.. every time i started to write, my brain would just go blank! Well, glad i am have my Brain back!

I am happy to post that ever thing is going so well with her/us! She i just growing and moving right along! We had her 12 month check up at 15 month old today.. Because of all the surgery's we got 3 month behind on them.

Between May and middle of July, Nadia had not gained anything.. actually she had lost 5 ounces when we came in for a mild ear infection . Weight gain is a big issue with heart children .. but because Nadia's last Cardio check up went so well, i was sure that it had nothing to do with her heart.. (if the heart is sick or enlarged, it pumps harder, hard pumping heart = burning more calories= no weight gain) got it ?? :)

I did switch from Similac toddler go & grow, to whole milk that i mix with Carnation milk for the calorie intake she is suppose to get.. it did not work out so well for her, because Nadia would drink less ( don't blame her.. it's yuk! ) and i am guessing that it has allot to do, as for why Nadia did no gain anything, so i switched back to go & grow.. and oh look Nadia is drinking 6-8 ounces at a time again! I also started to feed her table food, healthy fatty foods, and i think that made a big difference.. she gained a whole Pound in 3 weeks .. see momma knows best! I always follow my instinct and i am so glad i do !

She got a few vaccine's today..of course she wasn't to happy about it! Besides that, the visit went pretty well! '

Nadia's new favorite word's are "yes".." daddy" ..."mom" & ..."Jiiiii" for Justin! Haa she jibber jabbers allot besides these few words.

She started to climb our stairs, couches & beds and knows how to get off the bed & couch but the stairs she didn't quit figure out yet :)

Give Nadia a couple sheets of paper and u got the girl busy for at least 30 min! Haa it's too cute! She also loves Micky mouse club house.. she sings and dances along!

Nadia is defiantly a girlie girl... yet, she is tough as 5 boys put together.... i can see kick some behind in the future.. don't mess with her y'all!

She loves her two dolls and she would fight u for them! :))

Her favorite foods are any Arabic dish, that include rice, veggies & meat... :) she can not get enough of tomato's, strawberry's & grapes....just keep them coming!

I think these are the newest news about Nadia.. :)

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He turned 33 again

He stretched, he smiled and he said " wow i am 33 today" i laughed and said " must be nice to turn 33 AGAIN" he looked at me like i am crazy!

Hahaha poor Tommy really believed for a second he turned 33 again.. to make his 34th Birthday a little easier to swallow.. i threw him a birthday party , i invited the whole Family.....which was a first, because he never really wanted to celebrate it before....this year i felt like it needed to be celebrated....maybe next year he won't for get his real age....

I don't know about you but i have the hardest time finding a unique and great present for my husband.. every year it's the same.. cologne, clothes, shoes! One year i was so clueless about what to get him i got him lottery tickets..lool ya.. let's just say, that my dreams of having a Audi A8 are still on hold!!

But this year, i thought, i will get him something really special, something that he always wanted and wouldn't expect ! It was so nice to see him cheese like a 7 yr old boy :)

Happy Birthday Habibi...

Tommy's well deserved new telescope

Tommy's homemade Birthday cake..Mandarin Cheesecake.. topped with fruits

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mini Vacation

On a very short notice, for a very short time, we drove to Panama City, Florida for a much needed vacation.

We had a great time.. Justin & Nadia enjoyed them self's .

We pretty much stayed at the pool all morning, had nap time in between, got ready and went out for dinner somewhere.. played put put or built sandcastles late at night... we really had a great time and my Babies were on their best behavior..that...until the car ride home... boy.. that car ride home was something! :))

I wished we could stay longer... but

we are trying to go in September again and maybe stay for a whole week :) ...this is how she wraps us around her finger .. Justin & Nadia loving the Beach I really hate this Picture of me ,but it is a good picture of us :)Cpt. Andersons was so good ! This was our view ...nice i know!Enjoying a cold orange slice Justin on the water slide

Ready to swim

Daddy's Gir
umm ya no comment!!! knocked out
so sweet
Cute or what ? great picture isn't it? took them by the way :) hehe I just Love that placeBye Bye Beach

Friday, July 8, 2011

My Daddy

Justin is spending allot of time with his daddy lately, which unfortunately doesn't happen as often as he or Tommy would like.
By the time Tommy gets home, which is most of the time around 9.00pm, Justin is in his pj's ready to go to bed..
Tommy works allot.. during holidays, i sometimes don't get to see him at all for weeks.. we luckily do get to see him more often during the summer.

I am so thankful for his hard work though, i took us this long to get where we are right now.. we had a rough financial start and now i get to stay home with my Babies. Thank God

I think, that with everything that we have been threw in the almost 7 yeas we have been married, it made us stronger, respect and love each other more then ever.
I would lie though, if i didn't think that Nadia's heart got us closer together then ever, situations like this either make u or break u ! I really believe this !
We make a great Team :).....I am so lucky!

Anyway:) ...Justin told me this morning, out of no where, why he loves his daddy.. so i need to share before i for get, it was just the cutest thing!
" i love my daddy because he takes me to the movies when i ask him too"
" i love my daddy because he gets me a slushy when i don't feel good"
" i love my daddy because he loves me the most, and i love him the most" lool
(thanks Justin)
" i love my daddy because he is really, really funny and makes me laugh"
" i love my daddy because he took me to ihop yesterday"
" i love my daddy because he fixed my bike"
" i love my daddy because he buys me cool things for kids"
" i love my daddy because he always gives me second chances when i am bad" ( then he asked me.. why don't u give me second chances mom..u ground me right away!!!) lool

Then he just said " Yup, that's all..i just love him so much " :))

It was just the sweetest thing i have ever heard !

that looks complicated
nadia's turn

Let's do this
someone is nosy ....:)
love her pigtails
It was a little hard walking on wood chips

too funny
Justin kept saying " Dad..i trust u don't let go ." lool

ready to play
she loves the swing
nadia is telling daddy a story
they are always like this... u see how lucky i am :))

Petty Face