Friday, January 21, 2011


I woke up one morning finding Nadia standing in her Crib just smiling away at me..... this is huge because that shows me how strong she is and that means her Heart must be Happy!
She is sitting up without any support and can Balance her self pretty well too... that literally happened over night!
My Lord she has the best personality and it's days like these that i am so thankful God send me this special Angel!!

Have a Great Weekend

She Loves Music

Sitting up all by her self ...
Standing up by her self!!!
Can you see her Tiny Teeth ???? I love them!!!
Ein Herz und eine Seele

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My little Doll
Tommy rather took the Picture that being in it
My Handsome Boy
Justin leaving food for the reindeer's
I love my Babies !
Happy New Year/ Nadia said her first word

I can't believe it is already a new year!! All though we have been threw allot last year it was still a good year for us and i am looking forward to a even better year this year!!
Our Christmas was wonderful and we actually went to a new year's eve party in Louisiana that fallowed a Baptism that was also Great.. we had low key new years eve party's in the past... so i was really excited about a Big Party!

I was a little nervous about taking Nadia out of town and her being around people but i managed to stay calm and ask people as nice as possible to wash or sanitize their hands before holding her ... most of our Family know about her condition so i didn't even had to ask allot!

Nadia spilled out her first word just a few days ago.... can u guess what it was???
It wasn't Mama that's for sure... LOL it was Dada ... the cutest Dada i have ever heard in my life !!! Tommy was rubbing it in my face all day long... I remember Justin's first word was Teta which stands for Grandma in none of them did say mama and Tommy just thinks it's the funniest thing ever!!

Nadia is really smart... i have thought her a couple of things... how to twist her hand from side to side while i sing a popular Baby Song in Arabic and when she does something she is not suppose to do like pulling my hair which she loooovvvvveeeeeeeeessss doing i tell her "dide dide" which stands for That's a No No while pointing my fingers at her then she does point her finger back at me and screams out loud.. as if she is telling me " I can do what ever i want to" ...DIVA!!! LOL
Her sitting up had improved allot but i can't leave her yet knowing she will be fine!
I am in a Happy Place right now i have to say that i missed feeling that way... Praying it will stay this way! :)

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