Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nadia's first two Teeth

First of all i can Officially say that Nadia is Off the Feeding Tube..since my last Post were i decided to stop feeding her threw the tube she had done really well and gained 10 ounces !
She looks so pretty without the tube sticking out of her nose.. i know she can't tell me in words how she feels but i can tell she is much happier without it !!

A Couple of weeks ago i discovered that Nadia developed her first bottom tooth.... i got sooo excited because for some reason i thought she will get them really late! Shortly after... her second tooth came out!
She is learning to sit up as well without any support... she is doing great but didn't fully figure out how to sit up longer then 10 seconds without falling over... i posted some pictures of her sitting up and i tried to take some pictures of her tiny teeth but they are just way to little!!
Besides that... everything is going great she sleeps threw the night which is great for me and is just a happy strong Baby!
Justin still loves Preschool and is soon starting a Hip Hop class...he is quite a dancer :) Can't wait to see how he will do!

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She defiantly has an opinion
... and a attitude
Ready for the Winter
enjoying the Christmas Tree
Sitting up for the first time
She thinks her talking Dog is hilarious
I can't help but Laugh with her when she laughs!
How about you? Can you keep a straight Face??

My little Model
Reaf's open Heart Surgery

Reaf's Surgery went really well!! I sat with Ashley and Scott for a couple of hours to get there mind of things!
I sat with them until they got a update from the OR Team.. they said that they are closing up Reaf.. in that moment i just thought ok i am not even worried he will be out in a week... sure enough he was out 5 days later!! What a Fighter!!!

Isn't he a Cutie ???

I never mentioned in any of my Posts what happened and how it was sitting as a parent of a patient in that waiting room... waiting anxiously for a update!!
Have u ever been worked up over a test u are about to take????
Then you know how nauseated, lightheaded and anxious you can get.. how fast you Heart suddenly beats.. imagine feeling that way and then multiplied times 100.... yes that bad!!!
Well while i was feeling that way i remember the Update call when they had told us that everything is going well and that they should be done in a couple of hours.. i was preparing my self sitting in the waiting room for 6-8 hours because that is what they have told us... that it could take that long!
Hour and a half after that update Dr.Bichell came out and when i saw him coming to talk to us..i could swear that my Heart stopped beating for a good minute! All i thought was..WHY is he not in the OR Fixing my Baby's Heart.. he can not be done! No way!!
But he was... and when it only took Reaf 2 hours i knew he will do just as good!!
His Mommy told me yesterday that poor Reaf developed a Hernia and that they will be back in Nashville January to fix it! But Hey Reaf mastered Open Heart surgery..pretty sure this will be a breeze!!
Still every prayer is appreciated