Sunday, July 8, 2012

This was supposed to be posted on June 23rd day we got to go home :) 
Unfortunately i am having problem adding pictures on my blog..(It's always something) but as soon as i fix this problem i will post a happy picture of Nadia with her survivor T-shirt on. 
If you are shocked that Nadia is home, 5 days after a major open heart surgery ...then you can only imagine how we feel!!I told a friend the other day.. that this is how it must fee like hitting the Lottery ..we are the LUCKIEST parents on earth and incredibly proud to have such a amazing, strong little girl we can call our daughter!

The doctors were amazed at how fast she recovered and told us that not many "Fontan" patients go home this quick.
We are on cloud 2000 :D
Prayers DO work... Nadia is our best prove..Thank God and thanks to you all!