Thursday, June 2, 2011

Justin is explaining to her why she is NOT aloud to touch his portable dvd player
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Nadia's Cardiology appointment

I have really great news to share with you.
If you read my previous posts u will remember our hospitalization after the BT shunt where the doctors were afraid that Nadia's heart was failing.. her heart function was at that time about
40 % which raised a big concern for everyone, normal for her would have been anything over 50%- 55% .
I was told then that we needed to change her medicine and hope for the best and that we would have to see if it will get any better after the Glenn operation since with that operation allot of work was taking off her heart.

The first post OP appointment after the Glenn with Dr. Kavanaugh, she had told me that she wanted to do a Echo (ultrasound of her heart) six month from now to see how and if her Heart function got any better or god for bid any worse.
I asked her if she thinks that it will get any better and all she said was that i shouldn't get my hopes up to high, that all she wants for her heart is to stay the same and not get any worse, that we might just see a little bit of improvement if any.

So here we are.. six month from then.. in the Echo room trying to entertain Nadia so the Ultrasound Tech can get good Pictures of her heart!
All i could think about was how much i hate coming up here and why in Gods name this lady is so concentrated....i was hoping she would smile a little.. i would have felt so much better!
Boy i was so nervous, i am nervous anyway before any of Nadia's appointments but that day was just extra nerve racking because u never know what Dr. Kavanaugh might say when she walks threw the door!

The door opens, there she was with a big smile on her face and said " I am so proud of Nadia, her Heart looks great!!" her Heart function went up to astounding 56 %... i repeat 56%.
The Best news i heard in a while! Hallelujah !

Then we started to talk about Nadia's Fontan ( her final surgery) and i was a little shocked when she told me that she wanted the heart Cath done this October or November and the Fontan between next year May - August.
I was not shocked about the fact that she has to have it done but more that it is almost time again.. 1 year is nothing.. flies by soo fast! Got me a little nervous..but just a little ...because Nadia's heart Buddy's Colby & Cain both had heir Fontan done this year and both did excellent.. Cain actually just had his surgery and got to go home yesterday. So i hope & Pray that Nadia will do just as great as them to Hero's.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011