Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It has been 3 Years but it feels like yesterday when i said Good bye to my Best Friend, my Hero, my Mother!

My Mother was a wonderful woman, so loving,so kind, so sweet, she truly had a heart of Gold.
She was the type of person who had a hard time saying No. She spoiled us...not with material things but with love...
I only have good memories of my Mother.. she was so funny.. i smiled today thinking about the time when all the ladies and us young Ladies sat in the living room and talked about God and the World... i remember us talking about something depressing when all of the sudden my mother pulled out a little piece of paper and started to tell us some Jokes..some of them were real Funny but we we mostly laughed about how much my mother enjoyed telling us them.. !
Its not just today that i remember my Mother.. i think about her every day.. I know she is in a better Place watching over us...She has a special place in my Heart and i am praying i will be half of the Woman and Mother she was!!

I Miss You

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Baby

So nothing has changed since my last post.. Nadia is a Happy Baby and continues to do better with her feeds!
Just wanted to share some Pictures that Justin took of him self and his sister... Enjoy

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Positive Cardiology Appointment

On Monday we had a follow up Nadia's Cardiologist. We had a positive visit for a change... Nadia's oxygen levels are Perfect now, her blood pressure looked great and her heart is also doing great progress !! She even gained more then they expected her too.. she weighs a total of 10pounds and 6 ounces! Yay!!! I was so excited i was smiling all day!!!
We scheduled an appointment for her Cath on September the 13th ... the Cath procedure will determine if her heart is strong enough to go threw the Glenn... If she gets the Green light (which i am sure she will) her Surgery will be between the end September or end of November!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I am not sure how to start this Post! First of all Nadia is home again and doing well!!
It has been a awful past week for my Husbands Family! First the passing of Nora's Grandfather who was also a Grandfather figure to Tommy and his brothers!! He was very loved by Friends and Family!
Amo Milad had many Birds as his pets over the years and cherished them very much..it made me smile when i heard that all the birds started to tweet when they rolled his casket into the ground!
I believe it was a message to all his loved ones that he is happy and ok! May his soul rest in peace!!

Yesterday Tommy's uncle past away at the young age of 51 and left behind 3 wonderful children and a beautiful wife!! Losing a parent to cancer is hard. I know all about it!
Time doesn't heal all wounds like they say but memories do..good memories!
Lena, Shady,Sean and Auntie Madlen, may the love of those around you help you get through these days! Alla7 yer7amo

I love you guys

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Another Sad Day!!

Seriously, i am sick of bad news! My close friend Nora lost her grandfather today. He Battled Cancer for 3 month and passed away from what i was told peacefully !He certainly will be missed by everybody! I am praying for you and your Family! I Love You!!!!

Keep Nora and her Family in your prayers

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sad Day

A Mother that i also met at the CHD meeting lost her little girl this morning... Little Lydia earned her wings and is now save in Heaven. Ruth i am so sorry and i am praying for you and your Family!!

We thought we are going home today.. But the blood test this morning showed that her potassium is low.. so the plan is know to give her the 2 nd medicine that they stopped again and just lower the dose... They are trying to Balance her medicine out! She is not very interested in eating much either today...it looks like we are staying few more days! Besides that Nadia is doing well!

Please keep Ruth and her Family in your prayers

Sunday, July 4, 2010


I am at the hospital all by my self while the Family is grilling out, my mother in law made sure i don't miss out on the delicious food she made.. so don't feel sorry for me. i am having lamb chops chich kebab, homemade mac and cheese, corn on the cob green been casserole and best of all Taboule...Tommy made sure i won't be so board with the twilight movie "New Moon" so i am feeling pretty good right now!!

Nadia is feeling a little better today too.. her breathing is more comfortable and she is eating a little better too, Baby steps people Baby steps!!
Her Doctor is playing around with the medicine and decided to start one of her old meds again, the one that doesn't elevates her potassium and see how she does on her blood levels ..he said that we should see improvement within the next 48 hours if it helps ..if not we would still have plan B which is the new medicine!

I really Believe Nadia is going to be Great !
Have you ever had this gut feeling about something? A 6th Sense? I do!! I do believe she is meant to be in our life, I believe she is here for a reason !! I believe i will see her graduate on day, get married and have many healthy Baby's!
I have moments were i am weak and scared, were i forget about hope and faith.. but i catch my self Earlie enough! I don't want to be weak I can't be weak, she doesn't know whats going on, she can't believe in her self yet, so i have to do it for her ! I believe in you Nadia! You are meant to be!! You can do this!

Happy 4th of July everyone

Friday, July 2, 2010

We are back in the Hospital

Well... i wish i could make this short and easy and just let you all know how great everything is going... but its not!

The first 3 weeks home were pretty good and even though Nadia was gaining just little by little she was thriving, i thought!
Last week we had a cardiologist appointment .. She had a x.ray done vitals were checked and a EKG ... Her doctor told me that she is hearing a "extra heartbeat" and ordered blood work just to make sure everything is still going good.
At Night they called me to let me know that her potassium is pretty high and that i needed to stop giving her the meds and come back the next day for another blood test.
Poor Nadia.She didn't like it one bit!
That blood test also came back high for potassium.. i was ordered not give her themeds over the weekend which made me really nervous and to come back on Monday for another blood test!!
They had a real though time drawing blood on her on Monday, they tried just about every part of her body arms, leg ,hand, even her head!!! She was exhausted and so was I !! The same day we got a call that everything is looking better and that they want to try to keep her of her meds and see how she does!
Tuesday, just a day later... was not a good day for Nadia... she hardly wanted to eat anything and if she did she was sweating as if she ran a marathon ,slept allot and was quite a bit fussy..her color looked good and her breathing looked comfortable but i still ended up calling the hospital and talked to the doctor on call he wanted me to call the next morning unless i felt she is getting worse.. i called the next morning and they wanted to see her right away.. we had another echo and vitals done ..Since she can't put her back on her old meds due to the high levels of potassium she would have to be admitted in to the hospital in order to monitor her while shes getting the new medicine.

Her Cardiologist came in last night and explained to me that her the irregular heartbeat is just her unique heart beating ..kind of like either having straight hair or curly hair and that it won't become a problem until the irregular beats come back to back....
Nadia's heart is functioning about 40% ( normal for her would be 55%) also that her heart is a bit enlarged.. i didn't like were he was heading with that conversation... He explained real carefully... to not scare me i guess... that if her new meds don't kick in and help her heart function better until her next surgery she would be considered going into heart failure..i was terrified... the only option would be a heart transplant..but i don't want to think that far ahead! She is my little soldier I know she can do this!

I feel like i am in the middle of a bad dream, I want to wake up so badly!!!
I am praying that her new medicine will do the work it needs to do!!

Keep us in your prayer