Monday, March 21, 2011


....she's drinking Milk in a cup! FINALLY! Makes my life so much easier! So Proud of her!
So everything has been going great! We are just busy planing Nadia's First Birthday & Baptism!
My sisters are flying in from Germany which i am more then excited about.. Tagried is going to be the Godmother and Hana, Tommy's brother is going to be the Godfather!
Nadia's Grandmother is throwing her a Birthday Party the day before the Baptism with a hugh grill out... Super Super exciting!!
It turns out Nadia is a big dancer.... give her any kind of Beat and she will dance to it!
.. you just have to see for your self! :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Here come the feisty shark

She is just too funny!!
Movie Night with Big Brother
Colby & Nadia
Not my Idea... !
Justin is a mess....he came out of his room the other day.. stood if front of Tommy and said " Like a good Neighbor.. Daddy has Hair" He raised his eyebrows and said " It didn't work" Hahaha ( State Farm Commercial) :)
Loves Tv like Justin...

Rocking the Ballerina Outfit :)

My little bundle of Joy
We Defiantly have no trust issues loool
She is standing up and balances her self for at least 10 sec too.. she also walks why holing on to things... Yes Big Girl I know

She is Crawling

I have to say i am really surprised on how many people are fallowing our blog... i had a Lady stopping me the other day at the Mall asking me if i was Nadia's Mother ...i was really confused..wondering who this lady was and why she new me...and Nadia!! ???
She started to tell me that i didn't know her but that she was following Nadia's Story... she told me how much we inspired her and that she was praying all along for my little girl and how happy she was she is doing so well!
It wasn't the first time someone had stopped me to tell me they followed our blog but usually it's someone that i kind of knew or met before..
So i was really stunned but more touched that people i don't know cared enough about my little Girl to pray for her.... i really want to thank everyone who keeps my little Nadia in their Prayers... Prayers are so powerful.. we had prayers coming from all around the globe during her Surgery's .... i believe that this is the reason why Nadia did so well and still is !!

I also have good news to report about Nadia's last Cardiology appointment.... we didn't had a Echo done only a Chest X.Ray and vitals.... everything looked great.. we came home with 5 different medications from the hospital and are down to 3... i am crossing fingers that it becomes less then that!! Best news of all they do not want to see us until end of May!!

Nadia is developing FAST!! She is wearing size 12m and is a unstoppable crawler ...YES YES YES SHE IS ALREADY CRAWLING!!!!!!!
I don't think she is one bit behind on her motor skills... for everyone who sketches their heads wondering why i always make a big deal over any of her milestone she reaches ....i would love to explain my self again because sometimes i just write things down expecting everyone to understand what i am talking about and why i am writing it.
I was told a lot of things ...
Things like..Ur Child will have most likely have Blueish looking skin ...which she doesn't...but i think that's more because she inherited my awesome complexion :)
Purple Lips.... which she only has when she is cold or cries hysterically !
They did scare me allot... i thought i am going to be giving birth to a Avatar Baby.. no kidding!
That she will be behind on most of her motor skills.. they say it comes from being in the NICU,PICU well laying in a hospital bed in general for so long.. which makes a lot of sense.....
They told me she might not roll around, sit up, stand up, crawl, walk until very very late in life... which would not have killed me if she had not done them right on time.. but just because they told me she wouldn't but yet she did... it makes it so special to me and the reason why i make such a big deal over it.. Hope you understand my over excitement now... and now you can get excited with me :)

Nadia's "Bling Bling" as Justin calls it :)

After talking it over with Dr. Kavanaugh we went to Clair's and got her ears pierced!!
I kept pushing it off telling everyone i will do it tomorrow or the day after that.... Tommy finally said let's do it and we had some support from Hana, Jano and of course Justin... i am not sure why i was so nervous about piecing her ears..... i think i was just terrified that this will go all wrong.. her ears get infected ..she will get a fever and so on...i know.. i know...but this is how u start thinking if you have a Child that could end up in a hospital over a common Cold ..
Nadia cried for a min and forgot about everything after the Lady handed her a sucker to play with !! She looks Beautiful with her "Bling Bling"!! :)
My Facial expression says it all! :)
She was MAD!
Good Job Big Girl!!!
Thumbs up :)

Loving her Bling Bling :))