Friday, October 7, 2011

Heart Catheterization ( Postet wayyy to late!! So Sorry)

I had finished writing the post the day of the Heart Cath.... but i somehow managed to deleted all ,i rewrote it and just realized i never posted it!! OOppss

Nadia's Heart cath went really well... She was in the best mood that morning..she was singing the Patty Cake song on the car ride there, clapping her hands while singing " Patty Pat" over and over... but u can't really get sick of it sounds so beautiful coming out of her mouth..

They gave Nadia some "Happy" drugs before taking her to the OR.... she started to sing again
"Daddy..dadddyyy..daaaaaa" then she wanted to give out hugs and asked for her Doll that she now calls "Baby"...we couldn't help but laugh at our little "drunk" girl... it was time to take her, of course i couldn't help it anymore and stared to tear up
The Drugs defiantly helped because she waved at us and said "bye bye" with a smile on her face.

I love love love the Vandy staff..they are so nice and so thorough that, by the time they took Nadia back, we had no questions or doubt in the ability's.
We had/have complete trust in them. I think i really appreciate this the most about the Hospital.

About a couple hours later Dr.Doyle came and talked to us with a smile on his face.
He was more then pleased about her Heart & Lung functions. The only thing that he mentioned was that she had a collateral artery that they might have to block off either at the Fontan surgery or after... but according to him no big deal.

We got to see her shortly after... she was pretty much sleeping the wohle time.
A week and a half ago i had weened her off her pacifier, but i thought i bring them with me just in case ......soo soo soo glad i did!

Every time she woke up and started to cry i gave her the Paci and everything was good again.
Her eyes where a little puffy but that was about it.
She slept so long that she stayed up allllll night wanting to play ;)

We were discharged at 8 am and got to go Home... Life is good

I am incredibly lucky to have such a sweet, sunny & strong little Girl

A day after the cath
Justin celebrated his Birthday early at school :)

Her Baby
Her eyes were a little looks like she had her eyes closed in every picture
Sweet Baby
Daddy's Girl....:)

right before they took her
waiting in the waiting room

Sunday, October 2, 2011

AHA Walk Nashville

October 1st was the annual AHA Walk in Nashville. I was really excited to be part of the "Little Heart Heroes" this Year!
I have to admit that i was a little upset over Tommy not being there, but my hard working husband didn't have a choice but to open and stay in the store... he did try to be there so i guess i will have to forgive him this one time!
He promised me that he will mark the calendar for next year and be there!!!!!!!!! :)
I joked with him and told him that people always see me alone and they probably will start thinking that i am single again...lool !

I did had my close Friends come and support me which i am more then thankful for ..Noora, Nariman & Jano Thank you and Love you all!
I raised Thanks to my Generous Friend & Family more then was i set my Goal for...700$ in less then a week woohooo.... Our team raised all in all 1755$ which is great!
The walk it self wasn't so bad, i was scared i would have to carry Justin after a while... he did ask the question " Are we almost there yet?" about a MILLION time, which drove me CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! lool He woke up on the wrong side of bed anyway that day. But we made it and the Weather was just perfect. Nadia also walked a little but got tired and slept half way threw it... After words we walked to the International Food Festival... i think we walked over 6 miles total and i was so glad Noorawas with me because the stroller with Nadia in it weight at least 40 Pounds it self and got really hard to push at times... when we got back to the car we were BEAT...!!!!
What a great day it was though... great Cause.. great people.. i am already excited for next Year!

Thank you for stopping by

Nadia is walking too :)

We made it to the Finish line! YAY
Great Group of Friends
Sweet friend Catherine and our two Heroes
Someone is getting really tired
Nariman the Baby Whisperer
Miss Sweet face
Justin doesn't understand the world anymore! lool
Pumpkin & Me
Justin's "not getting his way "face
Aunt Noora
Aunt Jano