Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Justin Pre K Graduation

Justin's Pre K Graduation was this past Thursday..it was really nice and a little fancy for just a Pre K Graduation.. Justin was acting as if he just graduated Collage..it was hilarious.. he told his grandparents with his most serious face & voice that he is sooo glad he is finally done with school and ready to get a Job.. he turned his head to tommy and said " Hey dad, do i have to get married now too?" we almost fell off our chairs from laughing so hard!
I can't wait for him to start Kindergarten i am sure we will love it and do great.. he is such a smart and funny little boy!

Justin and his Grandparents
Teta got him a engraved bracelet & Necklace
really have to figure out how to rotate Pictures..lol
Happy Graduate
He did it looool
Uncle Philip & Aunt Jeannette
Justin's sweet teachers Ms.Amanda & Ms Renee
Justin & Nadia
Justin and his best friend Evan
No wonder everyone loves Ms. Renee
This is by far my favorite Picture..look at those faces lool
So Proud

Nadia's Baptism

May the 9Th 2010, i was standing in this little room of the NICU, looking down at Nadia who was laying cosy in her incubator sucking on her pacifier, when i was asked by Father Gregory the question if I wanted him to Baptize her today, a day before he first surgery ... i looked up at him with tears in my eyes and said "No" he looked at me with a little concern in his eyes and asked me again if i was sure... i explained to him that if i would let him Baptize her today, it would be as if i am giving up on her..... everyone that knows me, knows that this, i could never do... i had/have no doubt in my mind that God had more planned for my little sunshine and that we would celebrate her Baptism like i had it planned, right after her first birthday & BIG.
He smiled at me, nodded his head and said"OK".
What a wonderful priest to not push for it and to be so understanding.
Even though we said we wanted to keep the Baptism small with just few family members and a few friends we ended up having 85 Guests mostly Family.. it was wonderful !
Our photographer took the most Beautiful Pictures which unfortunately i can't post all on this blog but i will post my favorites :) Enjoy

Start from the Bottom :)

My sweet sweet cousin Hanan
My Nephew Issa... he is so handsome
He didn't look like that when i got him ready...lol

Our Beautiful Church around 1:00 pm
My good friend Vicky
A prayer before Dinner
My sister in law Jeannette
Justin's little girlfriend Mary :)
Baptism Cake made by Rula Dabit
My sisters & me
I would love to know what she was thinking in that moment
Nadia & Issa
Isn't she just so pretty P?P?
My absolute favorite
I love this one so much!
Nadia & her Godparents
my little sunshine
she enjoyed all the attention
during the Candle ceremony
Tradition is, that a child's hair will only be cut after their Baptism
The priest anoints Nadia with oil.
they dunked her 3 times
i was a little scared as u can tell
dunking her into the Holy water
The way she looks at Father Gregory is priceless
Just a Beautiful Picture
Nadia's Towel
The first part of the ceremony is held at the church's entrance
Tommy and his mother
At first it seems as if justin is praying but he is just playing a game on some ones iphone :)
Nadia's First Birthday

wow..she is one already

we managed to take at least one picture of us together! i made a wish for her ...:) Birthday cake
It was soooooooooooo gooooddddd

it was enough for all 50 guests :)
Her mini cake a crown for the princess of the night

Happy Birthday Pumpkin

WOW! She turned one...i prayed so hard for this day to come.
Not many Babies make it to their first Birthday.. i am so grateful that we have made it and look forward to many many many more wonderful girlie Birthdays!

I woke up the morning of her Birthday as excited any mom would be for her babies first birthday... We started our morning with lots of Pictures, laughter and not to for get hummus & labneh..hehe
I was so glad my sisters where here...they are such a big part of my life and i love them so much!
We had allot of family from out of town here and Nadia's Grandma threw her a Hugh Hello Kitty Birthday party. We grill out with so much delicious food as u can see on the picture.
That woman can cook!!

From the gifts of Nadia's birthday & baptism i could seriously open up a mini boutique for girls:)

Thank you all so much for sharing this special day with us !

We are so blessed to be surrounded by so many Family & Friends :)