Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2012

Nadia's second Christmas was wonderful. She was so excited to open up her presents and kept saying " huuuu cuuuul " for " oh cool " lool .
We spent Christmas eve at their Grandparents house.
Justin was really excited over his presents but was very disappointed when he discovered that the Nintento Dsi was not among his presents. :p In some of the Pictures u can tell how Sad he was and Tommy shot a picture where i was explaining to him that he might get is Nintendo Dsi from Santa on Christmas Day. All he said was.. " i am afraid i am not going to get it, because i was kind of bad in school" loool He was the happiest Boy in the morning. For some reason i can not write comments under the Pictures that i posted. I will have to fix this soon.But until then use ur imagination... fir everyone that knows Justin & Nadia..this will be easy to do :)

I felt very blessed this Christmas to have my little Family around me.

Happy Birthday Jesus :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Halloween 2011 & Justin's Birthday

I am such a slacker !! But to my defense i haven't had the time to actually sit down for a couple of hours and update my Blog. I did try to sit down a few times and do so, but my Kids would come and want to Eat, Play or just be held.
I also have been trying not to not stay home allot. I decided to get back in Shape after my Aunt called me ( who lives overseas)she saw Nadia's Baptism Photos and asked me if i was Pregnant again....worst thing u can ask a woman after she had a Baby.

Since then, which was in May, i have been trying to get back in shape :) Been counting calories, working out..Zumba is my Favorite work out. I have lost 30 Pounds so far. Which is all my Pregnancy weight. But i thought i keep going and try to look like i looked before i had i have about 10-15 more Pounds to go.

Halloween was fun. We were invited at a friends house and went Trick or Treating in her Neighborhood which was the first time for us ..we usually go Trunk or Treating or to the Mall.

Justin turned 6 and we celebrated at Monkey Joe's. He had so much fun, all of his friends were there and as always she got super spoiled from everyone :)
He received some Birthday money and wanted to buy him a Dinosaur that he had seen a month before.The Dinosaur wasn't very expensive and when i had told him that he had a few bucks left he responded " I have everything i need..i want to get Nadia something now" My heart just melted when he picked her out a Blue Smurffet ( how ironic is that by the way?lol ) .. he is the sweetest Big brother to Nadia. I am a such a Lucky Mommy!

Thanks for stopping by :))