Friday, August 13, 2010

I need a Day at the Spa

Nadia's cardiology Appointment was yesterday.. everything looked and sounded great she didn't want a Echo or X-ray done this time and she gained a whole Pound since her last appointment.. YAY... Little things make Mommy Happy!! Nadia feeds are getting better and better.. she eats so well when she sleeps..sometimes the whole bottle..but in the day time when she's awake she stresses me out ... she won't stay still..she keeps moving, talking and she rather sucks on her hand then her Bottle... if she just would eat that well all the time ....we could take that tube out!!!
Pray for her please.. all it takes is a little short prayer before you go to sleep!!!

In the waiting room i meet a Pregnant Lady.. who's son was diagnosed with a Heart defect..... i had tears in my eyes when she was telling me about her Boy ..i remember how scared i was not knowing what is going to happen how its going to end!! Praying everything goes well with her!!

As for me... i am not in the best mood lately ....the upcoming Cardiac Cath is a big part of it...even though i know its a common procedure it still worries me to Death.... i feel really overwhelmed and frustrated (not depressed) at times.... i snap often. I tell you what I think about you even if i know you don't want to hear it...i do get mad at people when they complain about the little things in's sooo annoying and it makes it worse when these people know me and know what Nadia has been threw so thankful..stop complaining... Shut up..Be Happy ...and then there are these people who let you know how thankful they are and how grateful they are not to be in my shoes... Not helping either.... it's rude....No actually it's beyond being rude!!
And Please don't call me and ask who those people are just because you are board and want to start Drama!!
Pray for me.. i need a day at the spa!!!