Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We don't need to go back to see the cardiologist until Feb of next Year......

So how exciting is that?? We had an appointment this past week and we did a chest x ray and vitals of course.
Dr. Kavanaugh was really happy with her.. her Heart still doesn't pump or squeeze as well as she wanted it to be but she wants to give her Heart some time to recover from all the work it was doing before with pumping blood threw the small shunt.... with the Glenn Operation a Hugh amount of work was taking of her Heart ...so hopefully we will see some improvement within the next 6 month!! Also for now... Nadia is of the tube..we had some big issues with her gaging all the time and spitting up... then on night i said NO MORE!! I took the tube out and said to Nadia " You can do it without the tube"...
It was really hard for the first few nights because i had to wake up every 1 -2 to feed her because she was just taking 30 - 50 ml at a time...
during the day i feed her with the spoon and at night she doesn't have a problem sucking the whole bottle she just won't do it very often when she is awake.. on the 30th i have another appointment at her pediatrician and if she had gained some weight i can finally breath and not worry about the Tube anymore... so all fingers crossed please!!!!
Nadia is enjoying her Christmas tree very much she could stare at it for hours... i am so excited to celebrate Nadia's first Thanksgiving and X-mas... this Thanksgiving is really special to me because i am truly thankful for how everything turned out ... i did wonder allot of times why this is happening to us...but seeing Nadia smile makes sense to everything we have been threw!

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Home Sweet Home

So sorry i didn't update my blog .. my laptop crashed on me the last day at the Hospital...
We came Home yesterday and my little Angel is doing really good... She is such a Fighter so strong!
We were supposed to come Home Monday but Nadia developed a slight fever and we had to do all the blood work and culture tests to rule out an infection!
Everything came back clear and the only thing that was in our way was to place an IV to pull out the RA Line that was placed in her belly... as far as i understood the RA line went around her Heart...so we defiantly needed a working IV just in case Nadia would require a blood transfusion which isn't very common but better safe then sorry...Placing an IV is and always was very hard to do on Nadia....we had 8 different people try there best to place one and each tried at least twice.....it was horrible but we finally had one working IV in her forehead that Nadia pulled out the last day we were there..Ouch i know..but it wasn't the first time she had done that!!!
Besides that our stay at the Hospital was very Positive... sitting here on our couch with Nadia sleeping so peacefully beside me makes the last week look so surreal ...like it never happened!!
Our new Goal is to wean her of that stupid Tube!! I let you know how that goes! ;)

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Right after surgery
Later that Night
Uncle Chris visiting the next day
she wasn't very swollen!
3rd day looking better already
3rd day still very sleepy
4th day back to playing with her favorite toy (yes her tube)
Halloween... most of the nurses were dressed up.. Nadia wasn't sure if she liked it or not :)
Justin wanted her to be Tinker bell for Halloween
Ready to go back Home